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Get value for your unused leads by selling them to other businesses who could be a better fit. Whether you’re a consumer or a business, your data is a valuable asset that other businesses want. If you’re a business you can make back money that you lost on Google & Facebook campaigns, and if you’re a consumer you can be rewarded by having a business purchase your data and meet your needs.​

LeadCoin’s network allows you to search for the specific leads that you’re looking for based on your desired industry and category. Once you enter your search criteria, LeadCoin’s matching algorithm will match you with sellers whose offering meets your specific needs. Leads that didn’t match one business can now be the perfect fit for your business.​

Buy Hot Leads

In addition to allowing users to manually buy and sell leads, LeadCoin’s network also allows you to buy leads automatically. The Automatic Purchase Agent that will automatically purchase leads for you that are at least a 90% match with your preset search parameters. All you have to do it input your search criteria and the network takes care of the rest for you.​

Automatic Purchase Agent​

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